High School Programme

Secondary education in New Zealand takes up to five years, covering the ages 13 to 18, corresponding to the school years 9 to 13.  From Year 11 – Year 13 students work towards NCEA (National Certificate of Education Achievement).  There are over 455 Secondary Education providers in New Zealand known as either High Schools or Colleges. New Zealand high schools vary in aspects such as single sex vs. co-education, religious emphasis, sporting strength and arts curriculum. Some students prefer small high schools or boarding schools where they will receive a lot of individual attention while others prefer the stimulating and diverse environment of a big high school.

NZEE currently works with over 24 high schools in New Zealand.  The choice of a high school is very important as the preferences of the student have to be matched with the special charater of the school.  For more information about the schools we work with please click on the links below.

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