Heretaunga College

Total School Roll: 850
Number of International Students: 45
Year Levels: 9 – 13
School Type: Co – educational, public high school.
Curriculum:  NCEA
Number of International Department Staff: 6

Heretaunga College was established in 1954 it is situated in Upper Hutt, North Wellington. The school is ideally located within an urban environment, an easy distance to New Zealand’s capital city and close to our famous outdoors.

We offer a successful High School Programme for students from around the world.  Heretaunga College offers the opportunity for students to learn in a modern campus with teachers that care about quality. We offer an excellent education and believe that our leadership, staff, facilities and programmes are among the best available.  Following an extensive refurbishment, the school has superb facilities that have been designed to make learning at Heretaunga College a pleasure.  We have taken into account the needs of both teacher and student and these were placed at the centre of the design process.  Heretaunga College focuses on the individual worth of each person and we make efforts to keep the environment caring and student-centred.  We appreciate that each student has different strengths and that to engage each student we need a variety of interesting strategies and activities.

Golf Academy
In association with the world-famous Royal Wellington Golf Club at Heretaunga, students can improve their golf skills.  Enrolment is for boys and girls, for both beginners and for those with a low handicap.

This programme is offered in addition to an enrolment in our High School or English Language School.  Whether a beginner, or a low-handicap golfer, both boys and girls will achieve success, in a world class golf environment.

Equestrian Programme
The school is able to offer students with an interest in horse riding or equestrian activities, an exciting opportunity to continue their interest while studying in New Zealand.

The Equestrian Programme is an addition to our regular High School Programme or to an enrolment in our own English Language School.  Students are placed in an English speaking homestay with an interest in horses.  Students are given access to a horse to ride either for pleasure or in competitions. Riding lessons at different levels of expertise are also available.

Elite Sport Programme
This Programme is an addition to the High School Programme.  The aim of the Programme is to give our students more opportunities to succeed in sport.  In this Programme they take part in regular strength and conditioning training, specialist sport training if they play Hockey/Basketball/Rugby/Netball/Football. We can offer places in other sports if the numbers are great enough.  Leadership training, looking at coaching and leadership in sport as well as being exposed to a variety of different training methods such as boxing, speed and agility, swimming, circuits, resistance training, plyometrics, aerobic endurance and team sports is included.  Regular physical testing is an important part of the curse which allows us to monitor the student’s development as the year goes on.