Epsom Girls Grammar School

Total School Roll:  2200
Number of International Students:  114
Year Levels:  9-13
School Type:  Girls only public high school
Curriculum:  NCEA
Number of International Department Staff: 6

Epsom Girls Grammar School is proud to have challenged and supported young women since 1917 and to have produced many leaders in a variety of walks of life.

Achievement is very important in the school in academic, sporting and cultural areas and our results on both a local and a national level are impressive.  We are a large, diverse school yet we aim to treat all students as individuals. We focus on identifying and catering for individual academic and pastoral needs and want all students to feel that they belong.

Positive, supportive relationships between students and staff form the basis for learning and we promote these. We want our students to be confident, active partners in their learning taking full advantage of all that the school can offer them. Developing leadership is important to us and, as a girls’ school, we can provide numerous opportunities to build the confidence and the skills of many young women.

Our school reflects the richness of New Zealand society and prepares young women for success in a modern world. Discover new friends together.

At this present time we are hosting students from the following countries: Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, China, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Myanmar & Saudi Arabia.

Students of Epsom Girls Grammar School:

  • Attend one of the top ranked schools in New Zealand
  • Experience the best a New Zealand education can offer.
  • Live in one of the most desirable school zones in Auckland and New Zealand.
  •  Attain some of the best academic results for New Zealand across a wide range of subjects and most go on to successful tertiary studies.
  • Are successful young women leaders, nurtured in a girls-only environment.
  • Are encouraged to be independent learners.
  • Participate and succeed in a wide range of co-curricular activities.
  • Are equipped to thrive in an inter-connected world, being part of a vibrant multicultural school community.
  • Enjoy fine facilities set in safe, park-like grounds e.g. sports fields, a heated swimming pool and a professional standard theatre.

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