Westlake Boys High School

Total School Roll: 2380
Number of International Students: 200
Year Levels: 9-13
Curriculum: NCEA and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
Type of school:  Boys only public high school
Number of International Department Staff: 7

Westlake Boys’ High School offers an outstanding learning environment for teenage boys on the North Shore of Auckland. We believe that by providing a range of opportunities for our students, inside and outside of the classroom, we will help them discover their passion and fulfil their potential.

Westlake Boys offer a very wide cultural and sporting programme. The Music programme, combining with Westlake Girls High School is internationally renowned and recently they have performed in Sydney, Belgium, Austria and Hungary. They offer a huge variety of sports at both elite and participation levels and are currently New Zealand champions in Volleyball, Waterpolo and Basketball and in the top 3 in Hockey, Tennis, Golf and Badminton. At this present time we host students from the following countries: China, Korea, Germany & Japan

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