Nga Tawa Diocesan School

Total School Roll: 290  
Number of International Students:21
Germans:  Currently 6 (this is the maximum)
Year Levels: 9-13
Curriculum: NCEA, IBO
Number of International Department Staff:

Nga Tawa Diocesan School is a boutique girls’ boarding school in rural Rangitikei close to two small cities Palmerston North and Whanganui. Founded in 1891, we are renowned for our high academic achievement, an onsite Equestrian Academy, and performing and visual arts programmes. We offer dual academic pathways the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and NCEA. We are a small, caring, inclusive school of 290 students. International students have always been part of the Nga Tawa student community. We believe we all benefit from a culturally diverse student population. The International staff is committed to meeting the educational, social and pastoral needs of our students. We invite you to consider studying at Nga Tawa.

Founded in 1891, Nga Tawa is one of New Zealand’s leading girls’ schools with a well-established reputation for fostering academic excellence, while preparing young women for leadership and for life. A well defined core culture of excellence and innovation allows boarding and day students the freedom to aim for their personal best, in every sense.

An Anglican, Christian ethos supports an inclusive, family atmosphere at the school. Given ‘around the clock’ support and encouragement, with supervised prep every evening, Nga Tawa students achieve to very high levels academically. Since the introduction of NCEA in 2002, Nga Tawa pass rates at all three levels have consistently been 97%-100%, with endorsements well above national averages for decile 10 girls’ schools.

Equestrian Academy

Nga Tawa’s Equestrian Academy boasts some of the finest facilities available in New Zealand. A 1200 metre, all-weather canter track was completed in 2004. There are also three all weather arenas, a cross-country course, 95 stables, plenty of parks available for floats, a parent reception area, an Equine Studies classroom (taught in the curriculum) and various other supporting buildings and common areas.

A wide range of experienced and highly qualified equestrian instructors work part-time at Nga Tawa. Disciplines catered for include Eventing, Showjumping, Games, Dressage and Cross Country. The school’s large horse truck transports horses to one day events and other competitions throughout the year.

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