Havelock North High School

Total School Roll: 1020
Number of International Students: 33
Year Levels: 9-13
Number of International Department Staff:4

Established in 1975 Havelock North High School is a young, vibrant school which combines modern facilities and a progressive education system with traditional values such as house spirit, school pride and high expectations of performance.

We cater for a diverse school population by offering a wide variety of academic courses and multi-level programmes. With a roll of over one thousand students we have the ability to offer intensive competition and a wide range of academic, cultural and sporting challenges.

This school encourages, values and achieves success at every level. We are fortunate to be sited in a supportive community which has a clear understanding of the value of an excellent well rounded education. The staff are well qualified, enthusiastic and committed. Teachers and students clearly enjoy the success and excellent reputation that this school has established.

Our international students add a cultural diversity to Havelock North High School.  Our students mix with fee paying students from many countries: Japan, China, Germany, Norway, Korea, Denmark, France, Swiss, Sweden, Italy  Brazil  We welcome these students into our school and they soon embrace the “kiwi” lifestyle.  Students enjoy education opportunities while attending Havelock North High School and living in beautiful Hawke’s Bay.

Our school is a co-educational modern school with a roll of 850 students.  Our experienced staff offers a wide range of subjects to study.  Our school sets the highest academic standards and students consistently achieve outstanding results in national examination.  Students’ individual learning and English language needs will be met.  Our international students find they excel at English on return to school in their own country.  Students have the opportunity to take part in a  wide range of sporting and outdoor activities. Havelock North High School has an excellent reputation for music, drama and the arts.  Havelock North High School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education.

Location: The school is situated in Havelock North in Hawke’s Bay, a region on the East Coast of the North Island noted for its natural beauty, mild and sunny climate and extensive outdoor activities, close to the cities of Hastings (population 50,000) and Napier (50,000).

School facilities include an auditorium complex, swimming pool, gymnasium, fitness centre, computer centres, drama and music suites, science laboratories, art rooms, multi-media library, technology workshops, home science unit, audio-visual rooms, sports fields and courts, located within eight hectares of spacious grounds.

Direct flights from Auckland International Airport take one hour.


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