Kristin School

Total School Roll: 1600
Number of International Students:90
Year Levels: Middle School 7-10 – Senior School 11-13
Curriculum: NCEA
Number of International Department Staff: 6

Kristin is an independent co-educational school of approximately 1600 students, from Kindergarten to Year 13. A relatively young school, it was founded in 1973 by a small group of North Shore parents and is owned by the Kristin School Charitable Trust. The school is non-denominational and welcomes students from all cultures and backgrounds.

The school has small classes and a proven record of academic excellence. Enrichment and extension programmes are offered to gifted children and those with special needs. The first International Baccalaureate (IB) school in New Zealand, Kristin offers the IB programme as well as the New Zealand National Curriculum to Junior, Middle and Senior School. Kristin’s proud record of success as a leading IB school has allowed students to gain entry to some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Kristin is committed to developing an international perspective and a sense of global awareness.

Kristin has achieved a fine reputation for the Performing Arts. High expectations and standards result in consistently professional, confident and breathtaking performances.

Kristin continue to develop in sport, encouraging participation at all levels and aiming to foster a lifetime love of sport through fun and learning. The correlation between what is taught in the classroom and the lessons learned in sport or outdoor experiences, are combined for complete personal development. High Performance Programmes have been implemented to identify and train the talented to elite level.

Students enjoy the use of first class facilities including a well equipped Library Information Centre, Auditorium, Chapel, Gymnasiums and Senior Study Centre.

Kristin is structured as three schools within one whole school. The Junior, Middle and Senior Schools are all located on the same campus. Each school follows the philosophy of Kristin while creating their own distinctive character relative to the age group of the students.

The differences between how each school functions has a positive impact on the students. As a child moves through the schools they encounter different ways of working, allowing them to consider the world, themselves and their peers in a variety of ways. This encourages the students to be inquisitive, show initiative and cope well with change.

This approach results in students who are excited about progressing to the next Year level where they know they will experience something new and have more opportunities.